It uses a modular system symplifying the customization method as you can choose your favorite applications.

It can run inside a cdrom or pendrive and this feature allows you to carry your system everywhere.

It is based on the stable Slackware Linux and includes also several more applications.

Download Imagineos latest edition : Imagineos 20110605-K1 (NEW RELEASE!! 11.06.05)
(readme about internationalization support and other files)
 Latest from Imagineos blog : The Imagineos 20110605 K1 is Released

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ImagineOS is not going to be upgraded for a while.

The Imagineos is an operating system based on the excellent Slackware Linux. It is distribute under the GPL license and free to use and modify as your wishes.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds
Slackware® is a registered trademark of Patrick Volkerdin

Imagineos Artwork (original wallpapers images)
Flower_stock_by_Theshelfs - Flowers_3_by_GothicLolitaStock - Minimalism_by_nerdynotdirty